Friday, August 29, 2014

Patricia Knoechel - "Quilt in a Day"

“Nouveau Wedding Ring”
Patricia Knoechel, Eleanor Burns' sister, from "Quilt in a Day" presented a program Friday, 8/29/14 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Willmar Community Center.   Pat shared tips, tricks, new products and patterns from "Quilt In A Day" including “Nouveau Wedding Ring” and “Pineapple” with twists for modern quilters. Plus she had a trunk show of lovely quilts for us to see.  She is such a delight and it was a wonderful program.

A little history of Eleanor Burns-
The story of how Eleanor Burns became so popular, mirrors the process of constructing an heirloom quilt. Her life, like a patchwork quilt assembled from pieces collected over time, has blended into an inspiring and beautiful story. She was born in Pennsylvania in 1945 and quite early on began sewing on a small, crank-handle toy sewing machine. Seeking out any available fabric, she discovered her Aunt Edna’s chicken feed sacks, allowing her hours of stitching time. By thirteen, she polished her skills up on her mother’s newly purchased green Elna sewing machine. Her childhood brought out an enterprising spirit that was expressed in persistent tenacity. Being dyslexic developed her extraordinary ability to make difficult things simple, and teaching others was a way for her to impart her passion for learning. As a young woman, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Edinboro State College. Her graduate work at Penn State University culminated her preparation to be a special education teacher, and she began teaching for the Pittsburgh school system. In 1967 she met and married Bill Burns and the process of piecing together her work with family life began. Quilt in a Day.