Thursday, January 11, 2018

Block of the Month - January 2018

By Sandra Schlagel

Here is our current Block of the Month project, called "Scrap Happy Home."  It is a row quilt - there are six rows of six blocks.  The finished block size is 8" x 8" and the finished row size of six blocks is 8" x 48".  As it is an original design, it is for personal use only; no reproductions - thanks!  Pictured above is the first row - houses.

I used batik scraps for my quilt.  Every piece uses a different fabric scrap, with no repeats within each block.  I used a different house color family for each of the six blocks, but maintained the same color family for background pieces throughout each row.  You can use batiks, Civil War, brights, etc.  Choose what you like to work with best and have a lot of fabric scraps in.

For sizes A-D, choose 9 coordinating fabric scraps in the same color family, such as blue.  Size E is the roof, so choose a darker or contrasting color than the body of the house, such as brown.

For sizes F-I, choose 6 coordinating light (such as cream or white), neutral (such as grey or black), or contrasting fabric scraps in the same color family.

Refer to the diagram above for piecing and connecting placement.  Press each seam as you sew, according to your preference (open versus toward the darker fabric).

Cut and lay out your pieces for Sizes A-D.  Using a log cabin block style, sew piece A to piece A.  Sew one piece B to blocks A+A.  Sew one piece B to blocks A+A+B.

Continue to build the body of the house using all nine pieces A-D until piece resembles photo above.

Place an F piece to both edges of piece E, right sides together as above.  Draw a diagonal line on E pieces from bottom corner to opposite corner, toward center of piece E to form a triangle.  Sew along each diagonal line.

Trim excess fabric.

Open triangles to reveal the completed rectangle (roof), press.  Sew roof to the body of the house, right sides together.

Cut background pieces G-I and sew according to the diagram above to complete the block.

Sew six blocks together to complete the row.

The next row will be announced at the February 2018 Country Quilters meeting and will be posted to this blog soon afterward.

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